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Access & Parking


The conference center doors are locked at all times except during scheduled events. The main conference center entrance, bathroom hallway entrance, and men’s or women’s bathrooms are programmatically unlocked for the duration of your reservation. The time of your reservation is when you are allowed access to the space, so make sure your reservation includes adequate time for set-up and clean-up. You will not be given access to the space to drop off materials or set up if you do not have the space reserved.


Make sure to submit all of your external guests to the security team through the Angus portal at least one (1) business day before the event to provide for adequate review time. You can find the template needed in the portal. Your guests will need to provide a photo ID to be checked in by security in order to proceed to the conference center.


Guests may use the 801 Pennsylvania Ave NW or 701 Pennsylvania Ave NW parking garages. Both garages are open from 7am-11pm. The cost is $26/day for a full day, or $13 if you are only parking from 5pm-11pm. Tenants can pre-purchase parking vouchers to give to their guests at full price. Note: unused vouchers will not refunded.