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Presenting in the Boardrooms

Presenting via Hardwire

Presenting via HDMI is recommended when your presentation needs sound or will be playing a video.

  1. Connect the HDMI cable on the table to your device.

  2. Select the presentation icon on the table control panel.

  3. Select HDMI.


Wirelessly Presenting

  1. Select the presentation icon on the table control panel.

  2. Select AirMedia. Follow the instructions below.


Step 1: Type [http://10.52.100.XX][] into your web browser, where XX is the number shown on the screen of the room you are in. Hit enter.

**Note that the URL will change according to the room you're in. Please refer to the numbers at the top of the screen in the specific boardroom you are in.**


Step 2: Click "Client for Mac" or "Client for Windows" depending on your device.


Step 3: [MAC] Under your downloads, double click the AirMedia file that pertains to that room.


Step 3:[Windows] Once you select to download for Windows, you’ll see the following message pop up at the bottom of your screen. Click on Run. Skip to step 6b below.


Step 4: [MAC] This window pops up. Double click on Creston AirMedia


Step 5: [MAC] A pop up will ask you if you want to download. Click Open.


Step 6a: [MAC] The next step instructs you to click on the AirPlay option from your laptop. This will be the small screen & arrow icon at the top of your computer. Click on that and select from the drop down 10.52.100.XX.


Step 6b:[Windows] When using a Windows device your laptop should start projecting automatically.

Step 7: In the event that you are prompted for an AirPlay password, this is the 4-digit access code at the bottom left-hand side of the flat screen.