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Presenting in the Forums

Presenting via Hardwire

Presenting via HDMI is recommended when your presentation needs sound, will be playing a video, or will be video conferencing.

When you walk into the room, click "Presentation" (keyboard icon) on the control panel to the right of the screen.


Then select "Room Floorbox."


Underneath the 2nd row is a round silver plate on the floor. Open this to access the HDMI and USB cables.


The HDMI cable will play video and sound.


USB cable will access the ceiling microphone and webcam above the flatscreen. Use this only if you plan to use the room’s video-conferencing camera to point to the participants in the room.

Plug these into your laptop. If you have a Mac and need an HDMI to Mini Display Port, this is found inside the room’s cabinets. Please return this to the box and cabinet when you are done.

Connecting Hardwire Sound

If you are connecting and need to play sound it's advisable that you connect using HDMI.

You may need to configure your speaker settings.

Speaker Settings on a Mac

Open up System Preferences - Select Sound


Select Output. Select Cestron 420 (Type: HDMI)


Speaker Settings on Windows

From a PC/Windows device select:

  1. Open Settings

  2. Select Sound

  3. Select Creston Speakers


Wirelessly Presenting

When you walk into the room, click Presentation (keyboard icon) on the control panel to the right of the screen.


Then select Wireless Device.


This will start the system and display the AirMedia Screen. Along the top will be http://Conference-Room-1 ( and a 4-digit Code on the right hand side. This 4 digit code changes periodically so you don’t have to save this.


Type only into the URL of a new web browser and hit enter.

**Note that the URL will change according to the room you're in. Please refer to the numbers at the top of the screen in the specific forum you are in.**


It will take you to this page:


For Mac, this will appear at the top right hand side of the URL. Double click to download.


For Windows you'll see the bottom banner appear. Click Run.


For Mac, a pop up with Creston AirMedia will open. Double click this to launch the application.


On a Mac it will prompt you with the following message. Click Open.


If you are using a Windows device, after hitting Run this will automatically launch the application.

For both Mac & Windows, once you have successfully download the file, you’ll now be prompted to add the 4-digit code at the top left hand side of the projection screen.


When you are ready to stop projecting, open up this screen and click Stop. Note that this screen opens as soon as you type in the 4-digit passcode and is hovering somewhere behind your screens. You may need to close or minimize some windows in order to find this.