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Video & Sound

Changing Display Settings to Avoid Sleep Mode

If you plan on presenting from your laptop and think there may be an extended period of time that you are not clicking or interacting with the laptop (showing a movie, etc), consider adjusting your Screen Saver action.

On a Mac

Open System Preferences


Select Desktop & Screen Saver & Select the Tab at the top for Screen Saver. On the bottom left hand side select 1 hour from the drop down.

VideoSound02 VideoSound03

On a PC/Windows

From a PC/Windows device select:

  1. Open Settings

  2. Select Display

  3. Select Power & Sleep

  4. Change sleep time to the duration of your meeting using the drop > downs


Display Setting Troubleshooting

If you are connected, but having difficulty seeing your laptop screen on the display screens, checking your display settings on your laptop so that they are mirroring.

On a Mac

Once you are connected via HDMI open your System Preferences. When you select Display, Creston 420 pops up. Under Arrangement make sure that Mirror Display is selected so that you can control and watch what's on the screen from your laptop.


On a PC/Windows

Once you are connected open Settings-->Displays and under Multiple Displays select Duplicate these display.